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Writing Prompts for Kids

24 Writing Prompts to Spark Ideas for a Year - A Child's Writing Journal

Writing for Kids Volume 2

If your child wants to write but needs a little help getting started, and you’d like to keep up with what they create, this book is the answer. With 24 solid writing prompts and a guided setup, your little one will be pumping out words before you know it.

From award-winning author Jo Michaels comes the second volume of this Amazon bestselling, interactive, journal-style book that will spark your child’s imagination and get them creating amazing things in no time.

Your child will be asked questions like:

  • What is my character's name?

  • How old?

  • Is he/she human?

  • If no, what is he/she?

  • What is he or she going to try to do?

  • What are Mom and Dad's names?

  • Where do they live?

Prompt #1:
Aliens have been spotted headed toward Earth.
What do they want?
How will you welcome them?
What will other people do?

With pages for drawing book covers and scenes, this journal will keep your child engaged for hours and give you a priceless keepsake.


Click the book image to buy on Amazon for $19.99

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