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Writing Prompts for Teens - Paperback (8.5"x11")

If you're a teen (or if you have one), you know there aren't many books out there that will guide you in the craft of writing.

This isn't one of those books you have to read 45 pages of before you get to the good stuff. I set out to create something that will help you become a better writer while giving you space to keep your stories together.

You start with a journal type exercise that's geared toward giving you emotions to draw from as you craft your tales. Then, we move on to creating your characters and diving into the prompts.I gave you one a month. Prompts range from romance to dystopian, so there's something for every writing style.

I didn't include anything for poetry, but you're free to do what you wish. This book is yours, after all.There's no focus on spelling or punctuation. This is a book to guide you creatively. Period.

There are no world-building exercises. I focused on character-driven stories because I believe your worlds can grow from there.

Have fun with it. Write. Be creative and grow.

Writing Prompts for Teens - Paperback (8.5"x11")

  • Because this is a diary that's intended to be written in, there's a no returns policy.

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