Christmas Savior

An angel can't love a vampire, can she?

Angel Victoria is on a mission from God: Save the illegitimate royal Catherine Carey from the dark ones.


Vampire Vance is on a mission from the head vampress, Cleopatra: Bring Catherine Carey into the coven so she can lead them to victory over the humans.

When the angel and the vampire meet, sparks fly. A bird may love a fish, too, but where do they reside?

Releases in the 'Twas the Night Before anthology on December 17th. Just in time for a little Christmas magic.

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Other stories in the set:

Spell of Snow - by S. J. Pierce
Life can be a witch...

Six years ago, I discovered my powers - I can make flowers bloom. But in a world where anything magical is met with judgement and swinging from a rope, I have to be careful... until one day I wasn't. The Witch Hunters have been alerted, and now no one, including my loved ones, can save me.

My name is Rosanna Frey, Snow Queen of Ipswich, and this is my story.

Immortal Faith - by Tia Silverthorne Bach
Sometimes, faith is all that's required.

Lucent has lost everything: his mortality, his hope, and the love of his life. His faith is wavering, but he clings to it like a lifeline. When he meets a beautiful witch who makes his dead heart skip a beat, he fights choosing between the brightness of hope and the darkness he's become accustomed to.

Holidays past brought great loss and heartache, but a witch just might bring him a Christmas miracle.

ALL proceeds from this anthology will be donated to MS research.

©2012 Jo Michaels